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SWD The Moment 2 Campaign mobile + mini-site

SWD The Moment 2 CampaignSWD The Moment 2 CampaignSWD The Moment 2 Campaign

Social Welfare Department (SWD) and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) co-produced programme "The Moment 2" focuses on family issues. SWD would like to leverage this programme to organise a photo contest, encouraging people to see things in different aspects. We have encapsulated "the moment" message on the landing page animation - tilt up to see more sky or tilt down to see more on building silhouette, it's up to you at the moment. This campaign site also serves as a gateway for photo uploads and display shortlisted photos for public voting. In view of people's photo-taking behaviour nowadays, we have developed a user-friendly platform on mobile as well.

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